We are an eco-friendly company that values harmony between people and nature and
we are leading the green era of high efficiency and reduced carbon.


  • 2019

    00 Developed life jackets using IoT Textronics-based smart foaming system.
    Disseminated and spread smart villages (participatory community care smart village dissemination and and spreading service based around experience centers).

  • 2018

    00 Designated as Excellent Product for solar sign boards (2018255)
    Green Technology Certification (GT-18-00484)
    Quality Certification (Q-Mark) (K77-2018-011)

  • 2017

    00 Certificate of Performance (Ministry of SMEs and Startups) Gyeonggi-20170260-2-01 (15-1585)

  • 2016

    00 Developed low-power solar LED building number plates (using patented technology).
    Registered as procured goods: solar road name plates, building number plates.

  • 2015

    00 Developed low-power solar LED composite sign boards (using patented technology)
    Developed low power solar LED road name plates (using patented technology)
    Improved luminance and uniformity of luminance (patent number 10-1484466)
    Expanded and relocated business sites

  • 2014

    00 Surface light source device for sign plates (patent number 10-1471389)
    Technology transfer agreement (patent number 10-1466546)

  • 2013

    00 Direct surface light source device (patent number 10-1484480)
    LED road traffic sign plates with direct internal lighting (patent number 10-1280953)
    Constructed the largest solar LED road signs in Korea (Chungbuk Development Corporation)

  • 2012

    00 Developed low-power solar LED road and traffic signs (using patented technology)
    Attracted investment (Dongah Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hydrokan Co., Ltd.)
    Moved to Hanyang University Incubator Lab (Technical Research Institute)

  • 2011

    00 Developed Lens LGP and applied for a patent (Ultra Energy Saving BLU)
    Moved into new business area (LED sign boards)

  • 2010

    00 Supplied semiconductor equipment to China (export of USD 1.5 million)
    Supplied semiconductor equipment to Japan (Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.)

  • 2009

    00 Established venture company/enterprise affiliated research institute
    Supplied semiconductor equipment to Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., in Japan (USD 900,000 for first shipment)

  • 2007

    00 Developed cold-cathode tube manufacturing facility and signed contract to supply of Hansol LED Co., Ltd.
    Established XHINEX-M Co., Ltd. and started business (semiconductor equipment)