We are an eco-friendly company that values harmony between people and nature and
we are leading the green era of high efficiency and reduced carbon.


Company XHINEX-M
CEO Moon, seung ho
Corporate registration number 110111-3764556
Date of establishment 2007. 10. 11
Business registration number 119-86-02005
Location 607-ho, 76 Dongsan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Industry: Manufacture and sale of outdoor advertisements, basic number plates, and building number plates
Business type Manufacturing, Wholesale
Business areas Outdoor advertisements-Solar LED composite sign boards
Basic number plates-Solar LED basic number plates
Building number plates-Solar LED building number plates
Road name plates-Solar LED road name plates

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Symbols & Concepts

This design gives visual expression to the core value of XHINEX-M. The XHINEX-M word mark is an intense visual symbolization of the image of the company. It is the most important basic element for expressing our core identity. The main color is blue, which signifies reliability, dignity, advanced technology and a competitive spirit. At the same time, the upper part of the “i” is represented by a soft leaf shape in green, representing our eco-friendly nature and our goal of creating a cleaner future.

Logo type

  • ENG

  • KOR

As each letter is proportionally adjusted according to its shape, changing the appearance, thickness, proportion, etc., of any letter is not allowed.


Left and right combination

  • Up and down combination

When using our signature, it must be used as-is. Arbitrarily adjusting XHINEX-M's CI layout is strictly prohibitted.

Dedicated color

    Main color

  • BLUE

    Process Color : C100 / M80 / K20
    RGB Color : R0 / G62 / B136


    Process Color : C60 / Y100
    RGB Color : R113 / G191 / B63

    Assort color

  • GRAY

    Process Color : K75
    RGB Color : R98 / G100 / B102

  • GRAY

    Process Color : K50
    RGB Color : R147 / G149 / B152

When it is used, care should be taken to maintain accurate color, brightness, saturation, etc.