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Solar Smart Sign System

Product configuration diagram
(composite sign boards)
board_img02_02 board_img02_03
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Product features

Realization of uniform screen brightness

To get more use out of the light source, it uses a structure with optical functions (lens pattern or reflective pattern) on the light guide plate to improve light efficiency and secure visibility. Minimized light loss by reducing the distance between the light source and the screen

Realization of thin displays

Realized thin displays with a screen thickness of 50 mm or less and without luminance unevenness.

Low-power products with less than 60% the power consumption of conventional products

Developed and applied low-power 2x2 LED modules by improving high-power LED modules used in existing sign boards
The distance between LED light sources was expanded to 75 mm, and the overheating problem was solved by increasing the heat dissipation area while using a smaller number of light sources.
Technical characteristics

Eliminated luminance unevenness

Existing technology products (direct) Our technology products (direct)
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