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Solar Smart Sign System

Product configuration diagram
(road name)
Product features board_img02

Uniform screen brightness

To get more use out of the light source, it uses optical functions on the light guide plate to improve light efficiency and secure visibility. Light loss is minimized by reducing the distance between the light source and the screen.

Slim display

Thin display with no luminance unevenness and a screen thickness of 20 mm or less.

Low-power products, using 50 % less energy compared to existing products

The two light guide plates and two light LED internal lighting devices used in existing products were improved so that only one of each is needed.
The distance between the LED light sources was increased to 15 mm (previously 10 mm), while a smaller number of light sources were used and the heat dissipation area was increased, thereby solving the overheating problem.
Technical characteristics

Slim low-power technology

Products using existing technology Products using our technology
board_img03 board_img04
· Two light-emitting diodes and two sets of LEDs for double-sided lighting
· Thick products (60 mm to 100 mm) mean increased weight and visibility of damage
· Renewable-energy power supply is insufficient due to high power consumption ※ Road name plate (1550×350) standard solar module 60 W×2 EA, 80 Ah battery required
· Measured power consumption: 13.3 W
· Irradiated with one light guide plate and one LED set for double-sided lighting
· Slim product (20 mm) is light and design is beautiful (more than 30% less weight)
· New and renewable energy sources work well due to low power consumption ※ Road name plate (1550×350) standard solar module 60 W×1 EA, 40 Ah battery required
· Measured power consumption: 6.11W
board_img05 board_img05

Uniform screen illumination and efficient built-in design

Eliminated light leakage with proper bezel design.
Improved screen by taking advantage of LED light angle
Minimized light loss with efficient LED arrangement
Waterproof and dustproof with double covers (inside and outside)