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Solar Smart Sign System


What is the SMART SIGN system?

It is state-of-the-art technology that uses ultra-low-power light guide plate technology, which is a proven patented technology of XHINEX-M, as a way to integrate multiple LEDs into existing and new pillars with bidirectional and unidirectional sign boards. It is our SMART SIGN system that optimizes green energy in modern urban environments with a lot of nighttime activity by utilizing only solar energy, which is pollution-free, and 1/2 to 1/6 the level of used by existing products.

  • Problems of existing products

    High power consumption

    Power consumption of more than four times

    Solar energy not available

    High maintenance costs

    High installation costs

    High warranty costs

    Civil complaints

    Civil complaints caused by excessive illumination

    Information on roads/buildings cannot be seen

  • Solar SMART SIGN system of XHINEX-M

    Low power consumption

    Solar energy can be applied to all products

    Lowest administrative expenses in Korea

    Reduction of maintenance management costs by more than one-half due to lower power consumption

    Optimal SMART SIGN

    Passed testing by the Korea Road Traffic Authority (illuminance, waterproofing, electrical characteristics, etc.)

  • Safety

    Durability proven LED light guide plate design technology

    Clearly visible signs using LED light at sunset

    Achieving proven LED lifespan through quadruple waterproof functions

  • Economics

    Reduced installation and construction costs and time due to lower power consumption

    Reduced maintenance (battery + solar module) cost by using 20 ~ 50 % less power for irradiation compared to other LED products

  • Formability

    Optimal formability as lower power consumption allows for miniaturized parts

    Design can be irradiated in both directions, even with a thickness of 10 mm

    Subtle aesthetic design without the problem of light pollution

  • Core functions

    Can be customized to run off solar power or regular electricity, according to installation conditions

    Compatible with all standard pillars

    Uses its own circuit with an MPPT + SOC function rather than optical sensors.